Paramed Info Class Replay

Paramed Info Class Replay

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This is a replay of our Paramedical Info Webinar  Live Zoom Session

What Does a Paramedical Examiner Do?

A Paramedical Examiner (sometimes called a Mobile Phlebotomist) performs paramedical insurance exams for insurance companies that need to analyze the risk of insuring someone.

A paramedical exam will usually include these duties:

  • Interviewing clients, including taking their medical history
  • Recording the client’s blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight
  • Collecting the client’s blood and urine sample
  • Processing the client’s blood sample using a centrifuge
  • Packaging and shipping (or taking) samples safely to a laboratory
  • Performing an EKG test on the client (depending on the circumstances)
  • Assisting in the recovery of a client with adverse reactions
  • Monitoring storage and inventory of supplies

A Paramedical Examiner would visit the client’s home or workplace to perform the exam. And on a typical day, a Paramedical Examiner will perform multiple client exams.


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