Certified Health Coach

Certified Health Coach

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march 2024 

Principles of Health Coaching™ consists of four e-learning modules, followed by a psychometrically-sound online final assessment. Developed in collaboration with health coaching experts, lessons within each module cover a range of key topics such as population health, chronic disease and motivational interviewing. The program offers flexible learning through online, self-paced modules that adapt to a variety of user settings, from classroom and distance learning, to primary care practices. 

Principles of Health Coaching™ also features innovative learning technology, such as the experiential learning of motivational interviewing concepts through virtual human simulation. Simulation provides a safe environment for skills practice by allowing interaction with fully animated virtual patients. Knowledge checks and end-of-module quizzes help assess users’ comprehension of content presented throughout each module in preparation for the final assessment. Users who pass all e-learning modules as well as the final assessment receive the Principles of Health Coaching™ specialty program certificate.


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