Get DOT Certified: Launch Your Own DOT Lab

Get DOT Certified: Launch Your Own DOT Lab

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Course Title: "Get DOT Certified: Launch Your Own DOT Lab"


This class is live via zoom and will require your participation

DATE: October 12, 2023 


You will get lifetime access to the resources included in the class. 

Course Description:

Venture into the exciting field of hazardous materials transportation with our 'Get DOT Certified' course. This course is designed specifically for individuals aspiring to work within the US domestic hazardous materials transportation sector. Within the 90-day timeframe, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of DOT regulations and skills essential to ensure safety and compliance. Remember, it's not just about understanding the regulations—it's about applying them effectively.

Training Curriculum:

Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of areas, including:

  1. General Awareness
  2. Shipping Papers
  3. Marking Procedures
  4. Labeling Techniques
  5. Placarding Protocols
  6. Packaging Requirements
  7. Security Measures

Who Needs this Training:

This course is designed for anyone involved in pre-transportation functions, specifically those who:

  1. Classify shipments
  2. Fill out or sign shipping papers
  3. Engage in marking, labeling, and packaging
  4. Select or provide placards
  5. Handle shipping or receiving duties
  6. Work with hazardous waste
  7. Drive trucks transporting hazardous materials
  8. Work in labs handling hazardous materials
  9. Supervise departments involved in these functions

Bonus Resources Included: 

  1. Lab Accounts Guide
  2. Collections & Training Modules/Guides
  3. Business and Marketing Essentials
  4. Including Scripts, Ebooks, Guides, Templates and more
  5. Business Plan Workbook

Our 'Get DOT Certified' course is your stepping stone to a career in the hazardous materials transportation sector. Take the leap and pave your way to an exciting and fulfilling career.



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