Drug Screen & fingerprint class

Drug Screen & fingerprint class

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Embark on a journey to discover uncharted territories in the expansive world of non-medical screening businesses with our class, "Non-Medical Streams". Curated meticulously for aspiring entrepreneurs, this class provides a comprehensive guide on establishing, managing, and scaling businesses in five distinct and high-demand non-medical screening sectors.

🔍 Dive into a World of Opportunities Across Various Domains:

1️⃣ Fingerprint Testing: Learn how to establish a fingerprint testing business, navigate through regulatory compliances, manage operations, and market your services to entities that require secure identification verification.

2️⃣ Drug Testing: Discover the procedural, legal, and ethical aspects of running a drug testing business, offering crucial services to employers, legal entities, and individuals seeking comprehensive and confidential drug screening.

3️⃣ Child Identification Kits: Enter the realm of creating and distributing child identification kits, understanding the critical elements that should be included, and exploring marketing strategies that emphasize the importance of child safety to parents and guardians.

4️⃣ Notary Services: Understand the steps to become a certified notary, set up your own notary business, and provide indispensable services to various sectors, including legal, financial, and real estate.

5️⃣ Weight Loss Labs: Explore the establishment of weight loss labs, delve into creating customized solutions for clients, and learn how to navigate the competitive yet ever-growing wellness industry.


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